Talleres Públicos Yes to ADU

What makes a house feel like a home? What makes a neighborhood feel like a community?

The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture put together the Yes to ADU Design competition to promote the LA County Homeless Initiative’s Second Dwelling Units Pilot Program. The competition invited artists and architects to submit designs for Accessory Dwelling Units that could provide solutions to solve LA County’s homelessness crisis.

The Talleres Públicos | Part of the Solution: Yes to ADU was a public event, facilitated by Big City Forum and LA County Department of Arts and Culture on May 2018 at the A C Bilbrew Library. Jessica Ceballos y Campbell and Maria del Carmen Lamadrid invited participants to reimagine their neighborhood using Accessory Dwelling Units through community storytelling and c0-design workshops.

The two concurrent 45-min workshops explored the social amenities that may foster a sense of community for long-time residents and people formerly experiencing homelessness.

The first workshop, led by Jessica, discussed Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and asked each participant to contribute a line for a cadaver exquisito-like poem.

The second workshop dissected what someone new to a community would need to feel safe and welcomed using markers, stickers, and a template of the winning competition entry. Led by Maria, participants drew the things and interactions that could take place in front and back lawns to foster community in the new network of green spaces.


Jessica Ceballos y Campbell, a Los Angeles-based poet, writer, and community advocate


Leonardo Bravo, Big City Forum and Iris Anna Regn, LA County Arts Commission Civic Arts in partnership with the Homeless Initiative’s Second Dwelling Units Pilot Program. In collaboration with the Department of Regional Planning, the Community Development Corporation, and Chief Executive Office, to promote the development of ADU’s.

Date & Location

May 2018 at the A. C. Bilbrew Library.

For more information visit: https://www.lacountyarts.org/calendar/yes-adu-talleres-publicos-exhibition