DIY Oil Testing Toolkit

How can we help community members from the Public Lab and staff create their own printable toolkits to quickly share and replicate experiments?

SuperCommunity worked with the Public Lab to design the workbook DIY Oil Testing. The Public Laboratory for Open Science and Technology (Public Lab) is a non-profit organized to support a community of people interested in a wide-range of environmental concerns. Using inexpensive DIY techniques, the Public Lab seeks to change how people see the world in environmental, social, and political terms.

The workbook featured content on the state of the Oil Testing Kit program, and how to develop open collaborative projects to test the presence of crude in water. The main section covers topics such as cultivating online collaboration on hardware, and environmental regulatory issues. The second section of the new DIY Oil Testing Booklet focused on Working with Communities and was given a slight different treatment to create a book within a book. Printed black and white through print-on-demand service Blurb.

The graphic files were released to the general public and currently, the publication process is being revised to enable community members to upload their information on the website and print it stylized. A plugin is being developed so participants can turn their online research notes into printable documents all styled under the same brand identity.


Maria del Carmen Lamadrid


Worked directly with Jeffrey Warren. Public Lab was co-founded in 2011 by Liz Barry, Shannon Dosemagen, Adam Griffith, Mathew Lippincott, Stewart Long, Jeff Warren and Sara Wylie.


August 2015- January 2016

For more information visit the Public Lab’s Oil Testing Kit page.

Photographs of the DIY Oil Testing workbook by Jeffrey Warren