Sunline Transit

How can the SunLine Transit website better serve multi-modal transit riders?

The SunLine Marketing team hired CivicConnect to lead the thinking and translate insights for their website redesign. SunLine Transit Agency is a public transit bus system and dial-a-ride service provider, in Riverside County, California. The mobile-responsive website design by CivicConnect featured a revised information architecture, multi-modal trip planner with real-time data, and ticket checkout. The redesign incorporated the Revised Section 508 Standards before the final rulemaking took effect to avoid obsoleting the design.

SunLine Transit’s brand identity was adjusted and made compliant with the Revised Section 508 Standards. New guidelines where developed, tested and documented in the SunLine Style Guide. The style guide established acceptable color pairs, typefaces and sizes, timing on slides and animated features. A similar guide was created for content writers explaining the Plain Writing Act of 2010 and establishing a detailed file naming convention.

SunLine Transit Agency Bus Rider Survey Study by RedHillGroup, ESRI’s Tapestry Segmentation and Google Analytics for the website coupled with online user surveys and interviews designed by CivicConnect served to define the needs of SunLine riders and develop personas. Personas for website front-end users, Drupal admin users and contract third-party content creators were created to define the features of the SunLine website update.

Tasks on the project

  • Facilitated moderated online workshops, presentations and SunLine Transit staff interviews
  • Translated insights and data into actionable tests and pilots
  • Lead the thinking and strategy development for each feature in collaboration with SunLine Transit’s Marketing team to meet their internal goals.
  • Identify and prioritize focus areas, develop personas for Drupal users, website end-users interested in multi-modal transit, and content creators.
  • Develop concepts into screen flows and diagrams
  • Produce high-fidelity wireframes and design sketches
  • Produce detailed design and interaction specifications for developers in the form of annotated mockups and visual guides.
  • Build click-through prototypes using high-fidelity wireframes for usability testing before going into development.
  • Work with developers to migrate old pages following the design information architecture.
  • Worked with developers to build and deploy new features following agile workflow.
  • Write and conduct Q/A tests to collect feedback on the project and optimize performance
  • Write and conduct Q/A tests specifically following the Revised Section 508 standards.


Maria del Carmen Lamadrid, Senior UX Designer and project lead for CivicConnect. Full list of team members available upon request.


SunLine Transit: Norma Stevens, Public Outreach Specialist. Joseph Friend, Technology Lead. Joshua Roth.


July 2016 – March 2017

For more information visit the SunLine Transit website.