Community Science Forum

How can we help community members of the Public Lab publish content from their research?

SuperCommunity worked with the Public Lab to redesigned multiple publications, including the Community Science Forum. The Public Laboratory for Open Science and Technology (Public Lab) is a non-profit organized to support a community of people interested in a wide-range of environmental concerns. Using inexpensive DIY techniques, the Public Lab seeks to change how people see the world in environmental, social, and political terms.

The Community Science Forum is a zine/research journal with the latest in the DIY environmental science sphere. The zine/research journal is a 22.75×35″ printed sheet of acid-free paper and includes a full-color reproduction of essays, illustrated guides, and interviews. The main driving questions for the process:

  • How do we design a modular publication that can be curated by different field experts under one topic of interest to increase knowledge across the different community practitioners?

Originally named the Grassroots Mapping Forum the publication was re-design to accommodate the ever-expanding set of interests and topics under DIY environmental science beyond aerial mapping for evidence such as fracking, water pollution, climate change crisis. Every three months the Public Lab would publish a printed zine/journal highlighting some of the important projects submitted by the community.

The publication relaunched under the name Community Science Forum. The visual composition of the publication consists of 10 interchangeable content modules, allowing the editor for each edition to pick and choose the content modules that best communicate the curated topic: feature essay module, short essay module, illustrated guide module, and interview module to name a few.

Worked on Issues 9 – 17


Maria del Carmen Lamadrid


Worked directly with Klie Kliebert, Joe Hui, Mathew Lippincott. Public Lab was co-founded in 2011 by Liz Barry, Shannon Dosemagen, Adam Griffith, Mathew Lippincott, Stewart Long, Jeff Warren and Sara Wylie.


August 2015- December 2019

For more information visit the Public Lab’s Community Science Forum page. Download the Crisis Convening (Fall 2018) issue