Where would teens like to see public art in the City of West Hollywood?

ArtEverywhere aimed to explore an expanded definition of data visualization and reflect upon concepts of democratic cultural production and art in public spaces for WehoArts: the Plan.

I was commissioned to create images to be printed or released online using data collected from the multi-year planning process that had led to WeHo Arts’ Cultural Vision Plan. With my project ArtEverywhere I sought to do more than just create graphics and honor the two-year community engagement process by engaging teens from the Teen Center to create images for the data visualizations through a participatory DIY balloon-mapping workshop.

The final images consisted of aerial photographs manipulated with overlays of qualitative data captured through the visioning process. The project provided for an amazing opportunity to discuss expectations of what art in public spaces can look like and proved to be another example of how to include the voices of young people in visioning processes.

Public Art Network Year in Review 2018 recognition

Date & Location

August 2017 – December 2017. WeHo Arts: The Plan Launch and balloon mapping session on November 4, 2017 @ Plummer Park


Maria del Carmen Lamadrid and teens from the Youth Center at Plummer Park. Assistance from Noel Castellanos.


Amanda Carlson, Consultant and Rebecca Ehemann, Public Art Coordinator. City of West Hollywood Weho Arts

For more information please visit the City of West Hollywoods page for WeHo Arts: The Plan, Americans for the Arts WeHo Arts: The Plan – Data Visualization Projects and Risks Aren’t Just for Artists (We’re looking to you, Government) by Amanda Carlson